Breastfeeding Support in High Risk Nursery

The tiniest of babies can successfully be fed mother’s milk, providing a balance of protective elements such as immunologic and growth-enhancing factors, and nutrients not provided by formulas alone. Therefore, we’ve developed a support system that allows the collection of a mother’s breast milk until mother and baby can bond naturally.

Breast pumps are made available to mothers along with equally important instructions and encouragement necessary for the success of this important part of your infant’s care. The milk is stored in freezers in the High-Risk Nursery, and then thawed and provided often by tube feedings until your baby is strong enough to nipple feed from a bottle or directly nurse. The family is guided along each step.

When families don’t wish to provide breast milk, then carefully chosen formulas are selected that closely fit your baby’s special needs.

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Breastfeeding Support in High Risk Nursery

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