Maternal-Fetal Medicine

An array of diagnostic and perinatology services are available through the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center, with outpatient services provided in a relaxed, comfortable and convenient location near Midtown Medical Center on the Columbus Regional campus. Inpatient care is provided at Midtown Medical Center.

Antepartum (pre birth) testing consists of a variety of tests performed from early through late pregnancy to verify fetal well-being. Tests are performed so the parent and the physician can be aware of any problems that may require further testing or, in some cases, immediate delivery. Antepartum tests are usually done in pregnancies at high risk for fetal complications.

Testing and Services

  • Fetal ultrasound
  • Perinatal consultations  
  • Genetic counseling  
  • First trimester screening  
  • Cervical ultrasounds  
  • Amniocentesis  
  • Non-stress test  
  • Diabetes management  
  • Bio-physical profile

To learn more, visit the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center website.

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