Policies and Procedures

Hospital Admissions

Oncology care is normally an outpatient experience; however, for surgical requirements or inpatient needs, the John B. Amos Cancer Center closely coordinates your care with The Medical Center staff.

If you do require hospitalization during your treatment, medical oncology patients are cared for on 7 Main (Surgical/Oncology), and on 4 Main for gynecologic oncology (Obstetrics/Gynecology). Radiation oncology patients are rarely hospitalized; however, radiation treatment could be part of your treatment at the hospital should you be hospitalized for other reasons. We will arrange transportation from the hospital to the Center during your hospitalization.

Appointment Policy

The policy of the John B. Amos Cancer Center is to provide timely and appropriate care. Your responsibility as a patient is to make and attend your appointments and communicate any changes in your schedule that will prevent you from keeping your commitment. Our goal is to have you see your healthcare provider or receive treatment within 30 minutes of your arrival. If you are not seen within 30 minutes, you are encouraged to inform our staff. Patients arriving late for appointments will be triaged based upon their medical condition, offered the opportunity to wait while they are worked into the schedule, or given a new appointment. Appointments cannot be moved up for patients arriving early.

Prescription Policy

Except in urgent situations, we authorize prescription refills during office hours only, when we have access to your medical records. Please have your pharmacy telephone number and prescription number ready when you call 706-320-8700.

Smoking Policy

For everyone’s health and safety, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the campus of Columbus Regional Healthcare System, which includes The Medical Center and the John B. Amos Cancer Center.

Visitor Policy

We thank you in advance for helping us to help your loved one. In the interest of your loved one's well-being, please have only one person accompanying patient to treatment. Cancer patients are frequently more susceptible to infections, therefore, we ask that children under age 12 and visitors with cold or flu symptoms (sneezing, coughing, fever, etc.) not accompany the patient.

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