Medical Oncology at the John B. Amos Cancer Center

Led by medical oncologists, the Medical Oncology team is dedicated to the evaluation and consultation of new patients, as well as to ongoing follow-up of existing patients.

Infusion and Injection Services

If chemotherapy is prescribed by your oncologist as part of your treatment plan, the treatment will be discussed in detail with you.

The infusion unit provides the latest in technology and a positive, relaxed environment in which patients can receive chemotherapy. Many other cancer treatments are also given by injection. The infusion and injection areas are conveniently located adjacent to one another on the second floor of the Cancer Center, and the infusion area and the injection clinic are staffed by registered nurses who are also certified in oncology.

Patient Scheduling

When a patient begins treatment, a written schedule of appointments will be provided. There will also be follow-up visits with your medical team, laboratory appointments, and a schedule for infusion services and any needed injections.

Our goal is for you to see your healthcare provider or receive treatment within 30 minutes of your arrival, however, while a 30-minute wait time is our goal, there may be a longer wait at times for some of our services. Reasons may include changes to your treatment, test results processing, or pharmacy verification of your blood tests which must be completed before preparing your specific chemotherapy treatment. Since there may be a wait, we suggest you bring reading materials or other items to occupy your time.

After-Hours Assistance

If you need assistance after regular clinic hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), please call 706- 320-8700. Your doctor or the doctor on call will return your call. If you have a medical emergency, such as an inability to breathe or an unusually rapid heart rate, call 911, or go to the emergency room.

Sick Visits

If you need medical attention during regular clinic hours, please call for an appointment at 706- 320-8700.

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