Surgical Services: FAQs  

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pre-Anesthesia Testing Unit (PAT)

What is the PAT Unit?
It is the “Pre-Anesthesia Testing Unit”.

Where is the unit located?
It is located on the 3rd floor next to the Cardiology department.

What do I need to bring with me?
Patients need to present any documents received from their primary care physician or surgeon.
They should also include a list of their medications or bring all medications as well as any other health related documents.
If they have a language or communication barrier, they should bring a family member or designated person to assist.

How much time does the process take?
On average the process usually takes about one hour. There are some cases in which the process may take up to several hours. This is usually dependent on the condition, orders and type of surgery for that patient and any other unexpected factors prior to the surgery date.

Who works in the PAT Unit?
The unit is staffed with Registered Nurses who will conduct a full health history.
Most tests include lab collection and EKG’s which are done in the unit.
Chest x-rays are performed on the second floor in the Radiology department.

What do we do?
Patients are interviewed to obtain information about their health history.
All testing is ordered by the patient’s Surgeon or by an Anesthesiologist.

The staff collects data from the patient’s related health records and prepares for follow up with cardiac or medical clearance if indicated.

The surgical record is begun from the point of registration and follows the patient throughout the surgical process. The staff also provides education and answers any questions from the patient or family regarding the surgical process.

Why do patients need to go to the PAT Unit?
Pre-testing prevents delays by allowing adjustments to medications or further work-up prior to surgery, which enhances health decisions related to surgery.

Anesthesia is administered according to a patient’s medical history, weight, height, and any other considerations for that particular surgery, and is provided according to the need and condition of each patient.

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