Surgical Services: General Information

Let us guide you from Pre-registration to Recovery.

Whether you ‘re scheduled for surgery as an outpatient and are going home the same day, or are having your surgery as an inpatient at The Medical Center, you’ll need to be aware of available parking.

Guest parking is accessed off Center Street directly across from the main entrance to The Medical Center, and patients with disabilities may be dropped off at the 18th Street entrance. Valet parking is also available at both entrances.

Please arrange for someone to drive you home if you are going home the same day of your surgery.

Pre-Anesthesia Testing
Pre-Anesthesia Testing is important prior to surgery for many reasons, primarily to protect the patient by avoiding complications of any kind.

For example, anesthesia is administered according to a patient’s medical history, weight, height, and other considerations, so it’s important for the staff to be aware of these factors to provide the safest, appropriate care according to the needs and condition of each patient.

How to Schedule Your Pre-Anesthesia Testing Appointment
Your surgeon’s office will typically schedule your anesthesia consult appointment for you in our Pre-Anesthesia Testing Unit (PAT).

If not, please call the Surgery Scheduling office Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at 706-571-1471 to make an Anesthesia Consult appointment.

Appointments should be scheduled 3-10 days prior to surgery date. When scheduling, be aware that the consult process may take up to 2-3 hours, beginning with registration.

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