Pre-Registration at Doctors Specialty Hospital

Doctors Specialty Hospital is pleased to offer our patients several ways to pre-register for scheduled tests or surgeries to be performed at Doctors Hospital.

Pre-registering will allow us to verify your insurance information prior to your pre-op visit or procedure, and to have paperwork prepared for your review when you arrive. This will allow you to spend less time during the registration process on your service date.

Ways to Pre-Register

Please pre-register, at a minimum, 48 hours prior to your first visit for pre-op tests or prior to service if no pre-op tests will be performed. If less than 48 hours, please call our Pre-registration Office. Please allow 7 days when mailing a form.

1.) Fax or Mail Pre-registration Form

You can print the attached form and complete. Depending on how far in advance your procedure or test is scheduled, you can choose to mail or fax the form directly to our Pre-registration Office. Please allow 7 days when mailing a form.

Click here to download form.

2.) Online Pre-registration at Doctors Specialty Hospital

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