Transitional Year Residency Program Alumni

Following is a list of our Transitional Year graduates who have completed one-year of training in general medicine before they moved on to a residency program in the city and specialty listed below.

Transitional Year Residents

Class of 2014



Ugochi Azuike, DO        

Houston, Texas

Physical Medicine & Rehab

Jason Frederick, MD

Kansas City, Kan.

Physical Medicine & Rehab

Mohammed Momin, MD 

New Haven, Conn.

Diagnostic Radiology

Mohammad Pathan, MD

Pittsburg, Pa.


Matthew West, MD

Washington, D.C.




Class of 2013    
Micah Burns, MD Valhalla, NY Anesthesia
Christopher Gaunder, MD San Antonio, TX Orthopedics
Jonathan Matlock, DO Norton, VA Internal Medicine
Dora Ngwang, MD Cleveland, OH Anesthesia
Dylan Simmons, DO Hershey, PA Radiology



Class of 2012    
Robert Cao, Jr., MD Chicago, IL Anesthesia
Janeen Daniels, MD Charleston, SC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Troy Foster, DO Dallas, TX Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Cayl Lee Garrett, DO Seoul, Korea Air Force
Cole Hillebrandt, MD Albany, NY Family Medicine



Class of 2011    
Nathaniel Bolli, MD Cleveland, OH Anesthesia
Mehrdod Ehteshami, MD Columbus, GA Family Medicine
Adam Harrison, DO Huntsville, AL Family Medicine
Timothy Johnson, MD Philadelphia, PA Ophthalmology



Class of 2010    
Robert Abrahams, D.O. Medical College of Georgia Radiology
Chaltsy Carlton, D.O. Medical College of Georgia Radiology
Brent Clower, D.O. University of Alabama PM&R
D. Paxton Jones, M.D. Memphis, TN Diagnostic Radiology



Class of 2009    
Corey Armstead, M.D. Houston, TX PM&R
David Dy, D.O. Las Vegas, NV Family Medicine
Mack Hendrix, M.D. Richmond, VA Diagnostic Radiology
Thomas Ireland, Jr., M.D. Birmingham, AL Pediatrics



Class of 2008    
Max Berry, M.D. Charleston, SC Radiology
Philip Douglas, D.O. Birmingham, AL Emergency Medicine
Christopher Franklin, M.D. Baltimore, MD Anesthesiology
Cecelia Hosam, M.D. Tucson, AZ Anesthesiology
Nathan Spivey, M.D. Gainesville, FL Anesthesiology
Shayla Toombs, D.O. Ohio Family Medicine



Class of 2007    
Ashley Jones-Trowell, M.D. Knoxville, TN Family Medicine
Keith Lacour, M.D. Gainesville, FL Radiology
Charles Matthews, Jr., M.D. Baltimore, MD Radiation Oncology
Ashli Phillips, M.D. Baltimore, MD PM&R
Elizabeth Smith, D.O. Farmington Hills, MS Emergency Medicine
Heath Trowell, M.D. Knoxville, TN Surgery



Class of 2006    
Richard Ellis, D.O. Kaneohe, HI Marine Corps
Angie Smith-Haque, M.D. Columbus, GA Anesthesiology
Nathan Gil, D.O. Jackson, MS Emergency Medicine
Stefan Erceg, M.D. New Haven, CT Anesthesiology
Aja Pollard, M.D. Patuxent, MD Navy



Class of 2005    
Marques Bradshaw, M.D. Nashville, TN Radiology
Temitope Soares, M.D. Scottsdale, AZ Dermatology
Takia Oglesby, M.D. St. Louis, MO Anesthesiology
Jesse Warren, D.O. Gainesville, FL Anesthesiology
Geena Singh, M.D. Georgia Internal Medicine



Class of 2004    
Kiley Reynolds, D.O. Atlanta, GA Anesthesia
Yevetta Wood, D.O. Philadelphia, PA Internal Medicine
Chad Harbin, D.O. Alabama Anesthesia
Thomas Hunter, M.D. Washington, D.C. Ophthalmology
Woodrow McWilliams, III, M.D. Georgia Radiation Oncology



Class of 2003    
James Morgan, M.D. New York Dermatology
Rodney Posey, D.O. Florida Anesthesia
Maricceo Peete, M.D. Columbus, GA  Family Medicine
Brandi Warren, D.O. Johnson City, TN OB/GYN



Class of 2002    
Chris Bergstrom, M.D. Georgia Ophthalmology
Chad Fowler, M.D. Georgia Radiology
Daniel Green, M.D. Georgia Family Medicine
Carrie Collins, M.D. Georgia Internal Medicine



Class of 2001    
Sterling Cannon, M.D. Georgia Ophthalmology
Bradley Hall, M.D. Michigan Neurology
Brian Jordan, D.O. Alabama Family Medicine
Amber Zafar, M.D. Georgia Family Medicine


Class of 2000    
Matthew Herren, D.O. Alabaster, AL Anesthesia
Michelle Caballero, M.D. Decatur, GA Anesthesia
Nicole McCants, D.O. Augusta, GA Emergency Medicine
Sara "Nikki" Yarbrough, D.O. Limestone, TN OB/GYN


Class of 1999    
Stephen Crowe, M.D. Georgia Sleep Medicine
Garth Graham, M.D. Alabama Radiology
Dana Teagarden, D.O. Tennessee OB/GYN
Andrew Waldman, M.D. Georgia Family Medicine


Class of 1998    
Perico Arcedo, D.O. Delaware Anesthesia
Ashley Wallace, D.O. Georgia Dermatology
Curtis Clark, D.O. Georgia Family Medicine
Jeffrey Cohen, D.O. Georgia Family Medicine


Class of 1997    
Gerald Cooke, M.D. Illinois Internal Medicine
Bernard Crowell, M.D. Texas Orthopedics
Evan Lee, D.O. Texas Emergency Medicine
Sara Salles, D.O. Pennsylvania Pediatrics


Class of 1996    
Jeffrey Cohen, D.O. Columbus, GA  Family Medicine
Lee Grose, M.D. Georgia Family Medicine
Donald Moeller, M.D. Georgia Oral Surgery
Rachna Patel, M.D. Georgia Family Medicine


Class of 1995    
Heloise Westbrook, M.D. Illinois Anesthesia
Charles Vossler, M.D. North Carolina Anesthesia
Uchebuike Isiocha, M.D. Maryland Anesthesia


Class of 1994    
Renee Hollins-Jackson, M.D. Tennessee OB/GYN
Geoffrey Wolf, M.D. Florida Anesthesia


Class of 1993    
Rodica Balazs, M.D. Georgia Anesthesia
Ashraf Ekdawy, M.D. Georgia Surgery
Wasif Hussain, M.D. Wisconsin Anesthesia
Mladen Premuzic, M.D. Connecticut Anesthesia


Class of 1986    
Campbell Gillespie, M.D. Alabama Anesthesia
John Woody, M.D. Texas Orhopedics

Flexible Intern Residents

Class of 1983    
Roy Beutnagel, M.D. Texas Internal Medicine
Melvin Deese, M.D. Texas Orhopedics
Lex Kenerly, III, M.D. Michigan Radiology


Class of 1981    
Edwin Pratt, M.D. Alabama Psychiatry
Reuben Richardson, III, M.D. Alabama Neurology
Justin Sedlak, M.D. Alabama Anatomic & Clinical Pathology
Wright Skinner, M.D. Georgia Orthopedic Surgery


Class of 1980    
Anthony Gonter, M.D. Georgia Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine
Alison Lauber, M.D. Alabama Family Practice
F.P. Craig Miner, M.D. South Carolina Emergency Medicine


Class of 1979    
Steven Garner, M.D. Georgia Obstetrics & Gynecology
Frances Killebrew, M.D. Louisiana Family Practice
Richard Underwood, M.D. Florida Family Practice
Steven Whitworth, M.D. Georgia General Surgery


Class of 1977    
Martha Seeley, M.D. Kentucky Emergency Medicine & General Practice
Edgar Underwood, M.D. Alabama Radiology & Interventional Radiology


Class of 1976    
Charles Caulton, M.D. Georgia Family Practice
Robert House, M.D. Florida Radiology/Anesthesiology


Class of 1975    
William Coryell, M.D. Missouri Psychiatry
T. William Morris, M.D. Georgia Family Practice
James Hagler, M.D. Georgia Family Practice/ Internal Medicine
J. Douglas Sharpton, M.D. Georgia Family Practice
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