Spine Care at Columbus Regional Health

The Neuroscience Center offers spine care and surgery by board-certified neurosurgeons. The Spine Program is directed by the highly experienced and widely respected duo of Dr. Marc S. Goldman and Dr. Michael W. Gorum. Each works in private practice with Columbus Neurologic Institute.

Spine care may include herniated disc, spinal cord tumors, spinal injuries, spinal instability, spinal stenosis or vertebral compression fracture and other complex cases. The Neuroscience Center also treats both adult and pediatric spine patients with cervical, thoracic or lumbar conditions. In addition, our physicians work with The Neuroscience Center’s general neurologist to collaborate on unusual conditions.

Our staff works with each patient to find an individualized and appropriate course of treatment. Surgical and non-surgical solutions are offered, however, the majority of patients are treated conservatively without surgery. Minimally invasive surgery may be done when deemed appropriate.

Part of a patient’s treatment plan may consist of pain management and/or therapy. Pain management is available through partnerships with physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians to relieve pain in the back, head, neck and limbs. Physical and occupational therapy are available through Columbus Regional Health’s Rehabilitation Services.

As the region's leading provider of healthcare, Columbus Regional Health has touched the lives of most of the children and adults in this region through its comprehensive network of services. Located in the West Georgia city of Columbus, Columbus Regional was established in 1986 as a not-for-profit health services organization, but its roots can be traced back to 1836 when the local hospital was a small wooden building on the banks of the Chattahoochee River.