Comprehensive Neuroscience Services in Columbus, GA

At the Columbus Regional Neuroscience Center, those adversely affected by nerve, back and neck pain, stroke or other neurological conditions can be evaluated and provided with a broad range of viable treatment options. At the Neuroscience Center, you’ll find dozens of staff specialists, with years in training and thousands of patients treated. And we do it all for one reason, because life is good, especially when you feel better.

The Columbus Regional Neuroscience Center is a regional referral center that provides comprehensive treatment for numerous neurologic conditions and illnesses. The Neuroscience Center treats patients from the Columbus area as well as those who are referred from as far as 150 miles away. A diverse and expert team that includes an in-house neurologist and neurosurgeons care for patients who are diagnosed with:

  • Epilepsy
  • General Neurologic Issues
  • Headache
  • Movement Disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease
  • Memory Disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nervous System Tumors
  • Neurological Cancers
  • Neuro-Oncology
  • Spine Disorders
  • Stroke
As the region's leading provider of healthcare, Columbus Regional Health has touched the lives of most of the children and adults in this region through its comprehensive network of services. Located in the West Georgia city of Columbus, Columbus Regional was established in 1986 as a not-for-profit health services organization, but its roots can be traced back to 1836 when the local hospital was a small wooden building on the banks of the Chattahoochee River.