Concerned about Lung Cancer?

A Simple Scan Can Increase Your Chance of Survival

Led by Peter A. Seirafi, M.D., Medical Director, Thoracic Surgery and Lung Cancer Screening, the multidisciplinary team at the John B. Amos Cancer Center at Columbus Regional Health is committed to providing the latest options for earlier diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. We know that the earlier we can find and treat the disease, the better chance of long-term survival.

Why choose low-dose CT scan lung cancer screening?
The National Cancer Institute published a landmark article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2011 regarding low-dose CT scan lung cancer screenings. It found that CT scan screening can reduce lung cancer mortality by 20 percent in high-risk patients.

Am I high risk? Who is eligible?
If you are aged 55-74 and have smoked a pack per day for 30 years or more, are currently smoking or stopped less than 15 years ago, you would be considered high risk. To be eligible for lung cancer screening, you must not have any signs or symptoms of lung cancer.

How do I participate in the Lung Cancer Screening program?
Call the John B. Amos Cancer Center at 706-320-8825. If you are determined to be at high risk, you will be scheduled for your screening CT scan. You also will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire. This entire process should take less than one hour. Additionally, assistance with smoking cessation programs will be provided.

The Multidisciplinary Team will review your scan, and the findings and recommendations of this group of specialists will be conveyed to you. Included in this CT screening is a consultation visit with Peter A. Seirafi, M.D., to discuss with you the group’s recommendations. If there are no worrisome findings, we will recommend yearly low-dose CT scans for three years. If there is reason for concern, Dr. Seirafi may recommend more frequent exams or additional testing.

Does insurance cover lung cancer screening? How much does it cost?
At this time insurance does not cover low lose CT lung cancer screening, although this will likely change in the future due to accumulating evidence showing benefits in reducing lung cancer mortality. If findings indicate the need for additional testing and procedures, those series are covered by insurance. Columbus Regional Health, understanding the importance of providing this service to our patients, is offering a reduced rate of $199 for the low-dose screening CT scan, review of each case with the multidisciplinary team, and the consultation visit with Dr. Seirafi.


Lung Cancer Screening Program
John B. Amos Cancer Center
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