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The Nutrition Services Department is excited about the opportunity to serve you – both from a patient & retail customer perspective and as an employer of excellence.

We welcome your feedback to assist in improving and making the Fountain Food Court and Garden Cafe your desired dining destination. We have established a Retail Committee made up of hospital staff members to assist us with gathering the information needed to improve. Please feel free to share with us…”What do we do well that we should keep doing?” “What should we do that we aren’t currently doing” and “What are we doing that we should quit doing?” Hubert Grant is our Retail Manager and can be emailed at or at ext 2475.

Our ability to achieve consistent excellence is dependent on our people. We are always looking for positive, proactive, conscientious, hardworking people to join our organization at every level. If you are interested in building service excellence, please contact Human Resources. We want to meet you. 

February 2016
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Our retail goal is to serve restaurant-quality, five star food at fast food speed and competitive prices.

Our patient satisfaction goal is to be the best by providing direct personal service and deliciously prepared and presented food which provides the nutrients that patients need to recover. If you have suggestions to help us improve further, please contact Clinical Nutrition Manager, Retail Manager, Lawyer Dunnigan, or ext 1556.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our current level of success and to those who will help us continue to improve in the future. We look forward to working with you.

Menu Line: (706) 660-2400